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E cigarettes the the biological activity of tobacco smoke with the is often used at ends. American journal of physiology stop smoking, it is necessary to reduce the damage . It ya a belief largely that if you cannot molecular physiology. x02013 lung cellular and caused by the smoke of the tobacco. Ashley dl, beeson md, johnson dr, of cigarillos special, original, l lonja long . This last lays out a broad choice pechacek tf, song s, watson ch. mccraw jm, richter p, pirkle jl, of mood, candies, and others. Using the blood of . for smoking. 2,5 as a marker . Tobacco specific nitrosamines . cigarettes. in some nigerian . Pubmed 11153066 . borenfreund e. babich h, . Cadmium and nickel in mainstream particulates . a low cadmium soil sludge mixture. of cigarettes containing tobacco grown on . Research and . southhampton. development x02013 . Product formation mechanisms . cigarette. inside a burning . Filter ventilation x02014 has there been . advances in tobacco science. a x0201c cover up x0201d recent . Tobacco smoke induced in . newborn mice. mouse fetuses and in . Pubmed 15640318 bassi ja, . blanc wa, james ls. rosso p, moessinger ac, . Cilia toxic components of . health 1. cigarette smoke smoking and . Department of health, education, and welfare, . health, national cancer institute 1976a. public health service, national institutes of . Dhew publication . 76 905. no nih . Microelement in . cured tobacco. maryland air . Bender ma, preston rj, . gooch pc, shelby md. leonard rc, pyatt be, . Time dependent changes in . tobacco smoke exposure. regulation caused by chronic . Journal of the . cardiology. american college of . Journal of . experimental therapeutics. pharmacology and . Pubmed 10926356 . homburger f. bernfeld p, . Study of tobacco smoke influence on content of . tissue of rats of different age. estrogens and dna flow cytometry data in uterine . Beitr x000e4 . . ge zur . Cigarette design tobacco isn x02019 t just . for lowering tar and optimizing taste. cheap recycling, it x02019 s a tool . Pubmed 8871084 bombick . doolittle dj. dw, ayres ph, . Bombick dw, bombick br, ayres . borgerding mf, doolittle dj. ph, putnam k, avalos j, . Comparative cytotoxicity studies of smoke . cigarettes and tobaccos. condensates from different types of . Pubmed 10749131 bonassi s, neri m, lando c, . n, kirsch volders m, zeiger e, fenech m. ceppi m, lin y p, chang wp, holland . The 1999 . final report. benchmark study . Analysis of complex . smoke. mixtures x02014 cigarette . Beitr x000e4 . . ge zur . Haemoglobin adducts from aromatic amines and . and non smoking women. tobacco specific nitrosamines in pregnant smoking . Puffing topography as . smoke exposure. a determinant of . Cigarette smoking saturates brain . nicotinic receptors. x003b1 4 x003b2 2 . Journal of b . applications. biomedical sciences and . Comparative studies of dna adduct formation in mice . that burn or primarily heat tobacco. following dermal application of smoke condensates from cigarettes . Pubmed 7443154 . hoffmann d. brunnemann kd, . 1975 13 . 63. 4 159 . 1991 39 . . 1 207 . Pubmed 2208599 brunnemann . hoffmann d. kd, masaryk j, . 1983 31 . . 6 1221 . Assessment of carcinogenic volatile n nitrosamines . sidestream smoke from cigarettes. in tobacco and in mainstream and . Bryant ms, simmons . hinson ja. hf, harrell re, . Accelerated enlargement of experimental abdominal aortic . chronic cigarette smoke exposure. aneurysms in a mouse model of . Gas x02013 electron capture detection . biomarkers of exposure to xylene. of urinary acid isomers as . Boca raton fl crc . handbook of flavor additives. press fenaroli x02019 s . Mandated lowering of toxicants in cigarette . health organization tobreg proposal. smoke a description of the world . Tobacco act regulations . reporting regulations. amending the tobacco . Various aspects of . march 1990. menthol product development, . Caraballo rs, giovino ga, pechacek tf, mowery . eriksen mp, pirkle jl, maurer kr. pd, richter pa, strauss wj, sharp dj, . Evaluation of the potential . to cigarettes. effects of ingredients added . In utero exposure to . evaluation of toxicity. 1r4f reference cigarette smoke . X003b1 1 . and smoking. antitrypsin, emphysema . Pubmed 16092727 cavarra e, bartalesi b, lucattelli . ortiz la, martorana pa, lungarella g. m, fineschi s, lunghi b, gambelli f, . Pubmed 11549550 cavusoglu y, timuralp b, us . b, unalir a, goktekin o, ata n. t, akg x000fc n y, g, gorenek . Prilocaine induced . 1993. x02014 wisconsin, . Pubmed 9370225 chalmer . keast d. j, holt pg, . Pubmed 1206738 chamberlain wj, . stephenson mg. baker jl, chortyk ot, . Chang mj, mcdaniel . self da. rl, naworal jd, . Chang mj, naworal . connell ct. jd, walker k, . 2003 58 . 96. 11 1979 . Pubmed 2737183 chen h, vlahos . anderson gp, morris mj. r, bozinovski s, jones j, . Science and . . pollution research . Bulletin of . health organization. the world . 1973 7 . 78. 3 165 . Tumor necrosis factor x003b1 drives . induced emphysema in the mouse. 70 of cigarette smoke x02013 . Acute cigarette smoke x02013 induced . neutrophils and macrophage in mice. connective tissue breakdown requires both . Comparison of activity of . occurring in cigarette smoke. nicotine and related alkaloids . Pubmed 12396407 coggins cre, ayres . burger gt, hayes aw. ph, mosberg at, sagartz jw, . Cigarette smoking, alcohol use . implications for. and adverse pregnancy outcomes . Pubmed 4000765 colquhoun dr, goldman lr, . witter fr, apelberg bj, halden ru. cole rn, gucek m, mansharamani m, . Biological markers . research. in health . Pubmed 6835243 counts me, . dwyer rw, cox rh. hsu fs, laffoon sw, . Smoke composition and predicting for . machine smoking conditions. commercial cigarettes smoked with three . 2002 31 . 88. 3 279 . Pmc free article pmc1460655 pubmed 10388825 . mosberg at, slaga tj. curtin gm, hanausek m, walaszek z, . Lung in a j and . tobacco smoke inhalation. rash2 transgenic mice following mainstream . Journal of . health. toxicology and . I genotoxic and . neutral, semivolatile constituents. cytotoxic effects of . Lifetime exposures of rats to cigarette tobacco smoke pulmonary toxicology of . october 22 x02013 24, 1979 spring field va u. respirable particles proceedings of the nineteenth annual hanford life sciences symposium . Recent advances in tobacco science, vol 2 leaf composition . aroma the 30th tobacco chemists x02019 research conference oct. and physical properties in relation to smoking quality and . Of nicotine and its . in vivo studies. metabolites in biological fluids . New york . 1999. elsevier science . Jama the journal . medical association. of the american . Biomarkers coming of . and risk assessment. age for health . Del santo p, moneti g, . rose a, dolara p. salvadori m, saltutti c, delle . Genotoxicity of tobacco smoke . a review. and tobacco smoke condensate . Pubmed 18006367 . preston rj. demarini dm, . Pubmed 15755950 demarini . levine jg. dm, shelton ml, . In vitro studies what is . and toxicologic pathology. their role in toxicology experimental . Pubmed 10456841 ding . watson ch. ys, ashley dl, . Pubmed 17602652 ding ys, . ashley d, watson ch. trommel js, yan xj, . Pubmed 15707046 ding ys, yan xj, jain . stanfill sb, ashley dl, watson ch. rb, lopp e, tavakoli a, polzin gm, . Pubmed 16572766 djordjevic mv, . chaplin jf. gay sl, bush lp, . 1989 37 . . 3 752 . The adsorption of tobacco smoke . its own filter tobacco science. how far is a cigarette . New york . . elsevier 1999 . Donnelly gm, mckean . green j. he, heird cs, . Journal of . health. toxicology and . Bioassay of . smoke fraction. a cigarette . Pubmed 7288896 dontenwill w, chevalier h j, . u, reckzeh g, fleischman b, keller w. harke h p, klimisch h j, lafrenz . Zeitschrift fur . onkologie. und klinische . The genotoxic potential . its major metabolites. of nicotine and . Functional and metabolic properties of alveolar . phase of tobacco smoke. macrophages in response to the gas . Recent advances in tobacco . composition of tobacco smoke. science formation, analysis, and . Minor alkaloids of tobacco . superfused rat striatal slices. release 3h dopamine from . New york . 2001. mcgraw hill . Of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon yields with particulate . mainstream and sidestream cigarette smoke. matter water and nicotine free yields in . Pmc free article . federal trade commission. pmc1448228 pubmed 14759927 . Polonium 210 in . human tissues. tobacco products and . Effect of chronic cigarette smoke . tracer particles inhaled by rats. exposure on lung clearance of . Journal of cancer . oncology. research and clinical . Pubmed 2335004 fischer . . s, b, preussmann . Preformed tobacco specific nitrosamines in . and influence of tobacco type. tobacco x02014 role of nitrate . Pubmed 2910520 fischer . . s, b, preussmann . Unraveling smoke as cigarette makers face . tobacco smoke is greater than ever. new challenges, the pressure to understand . Ames ia . 1999. blackwell publishing . Pubmed 10333314 florek e, . szymanowski k. marszalek a, biczysko w, . Pubmed 10333310 fordyce . ivinson mg. wb, hughes iw, . Pubmed 5655189 . dybing e. fowles j, . A comparison of in vitro toxicities of cigarette . available ultra low x0201d tar x0201d cigarettes. smoke condensate from eclipse cigarettes and four commercially . Ii tgp stimulates the of human . b cells into ig secreting cells. t cells and the of human . Metal contents and insecticide residues in . collected in southern ontario. tobacco soils and cured tobacco leaves . European journal of . reproductive biology. obstetrics, gynecology, and . Products of oxidative dna damage . of to lung cancer. and repair as possible biomarkers . Pubmed 9301652 gealy r, . luketich jd, keohavong p. zhang l, siegfried jm, . 1999 8 4 . 302. pt 1 297 . Journal of . molecular biology. biochemistry and . Pmc free article pmc1519589 pubmed . monge c, whittembury j. 8354165 gonz x000e1 lez e, . Volatile organic compounds as . active and passive smoking. breath bio markers for . Iv successful . rabbits. experiments with . Pmc free article pmc1748359 . chalmers j, kinnard pj. pubmed 11203247 green jd, . 1989 14 . . 5 283 . Influence of tobacco . composition. type on smoke . Pubmed 3810672 . chung kf. groneberg da, . The development of emphysema . mice is strain dependent. in cigarette smoke exposed . Banbury report no 3 . gb, bock fg, editors. a safe cigarette gori . Carcinogens methods of . measurement. analysis and exposure . Measuring emissions from tobacco . smoke literature review. combustion side stream cigarette . Enhancement of pre existing . exposed to cigarette smoke. dna adducts in rodents . The promise of . quantitative risk assessment. molecular epidemiology for . Human urinary carcinogen metabolites . and cancer. bio markers for tobacco . Pubmed 15930027 hecht ss, carmella sg, le . c, jensen j, hatsukami dk. k a, murphy se, li ys, le . 2004 13 . 42. 5 834 . Journal of . cancer institute. the national . Pubmed 3286030 hecht ss, murphy se, . le c, joseph am, hatsukami dk. carmella sg, li s, jensen j, . 2005 14 . . 3 693 . Pubmed 236398 henningfield . garrett be. je, pankow jf, . Method of . tobacco sheet. making a . Method of preparing a . pectin adhesive. tobacco sheet employing a . Ultralow yield cigarettes and . role of ventilation blocking. type of ventilation the . Animal testing and alternative approaches for . the proposed new european chemicals regulation. the human health risk assessment under . Pubmed 445452 hoffmann d, . hecht ss. adams jd, brunnemann kd, . Pmc free article pmc1651064 . adams jd, wynder el. pubmed 6881401 hoffmann d, . Endogenous formation of . smokers. n in cigarette . Origin in tobacco smoke . tobacco specific carcinogen brief. of n x02032 a . Pubmed 4414773 . hoffmann i. hoffmann d, . Pubmed 9120872 . hoffmann i. hoffmann d, . Hoffmann d, hoffmann . . i, el bayoumy . X003b1 and . cigarette smoke. x003b2 in . Journal of . cancer institute. the national . Pubmed 6020358 . wynder el. hoffmann d, . Lung phagocyte recruitment and metabolic . in humans and hamsters. alterations induced by cigarette smoke . Pmc free article pmc2018231 . evans hu. pubmed 619694 hopkin jm, . Variation in response . cigarette smoke. to cytotoxicity of . Evaluation of methods . smoke uptake. to estimate cigarette . Pubmed 12742507 . guerin mr. horton ad, . Hoshino y, mio t, . ito i, izumi t. nagai s, miki h, . Pubmed 11435227 houeto p, hoffman . b, baud fj. jr, got p, dang vu . Pubmed 9426367 hsieh y s, chen b . hsu j d, wang c j. c, shiow s j, wang h c, . Life span inhalation exposure to mainstream cigarette . through genetic and epigenetic pathways. smoke induces lung cancer in b6c3f1 mice . Pubmed 9707209 . resource center. indiana prevention . Edu resources . tobaccoaddi tives. druginfo drugs . X0003c http . . leg acy . Accessed april . . 30, 2007 . Lyon france agency . cancer 1986. for research on . Iarc monographs on the evaluation of . and some tobacco specific n nitrosamines. carcinogenic risks to humans smokeless tobacco . The effect of cigarette smoking . lipid, lipoprotein and levels. during pregnancy on cord blood . 1987 18 . . 2 123 . Pmc free article pmc1508721 pubmed 10224986 . stunkard aj, verebey k. jaffe jh, kanzler m, friedman l, . Cigarette smoke induces . the mouse embryo. dna deletions in . Pubmed 1605047 jansson t, . enzell cr. curvall m, hedin a, . A study . activity. of structure . The pyrogenesis and . smoke. nature of tobacco . Pubmed 5056271 johnson jd, . craig dk, fisher gl. houchens dp, kluwe wm, . Chemistry of the conversion . smoke products. of nitrate nitrogen to . Joseph am, hecht ss, murphy se, . han s, hatsukami dk. carmella sg, le ct, zhang y, . 2005 14 . . 12 2963 . Pubmed 3894961 . rickert ws. kaiserman mj, . Cadmium and lead in . filter cigarette. the smoke of a . Journal of . experimental therapeutics. pharmacology and . Pubmed 3677077 karube t, . watanabe s. odagiri y, takemoto k, . Of mutagenic heterocyclic . smoke samples. amines in combustion . Measurement of the particle size . by the x0201c conifuge. distribution and of cigarette smoke . Keohavong p, mady hh, . luketich jd, melhem mf. gao wm, siegfried jm, . Philip morris increasing the . lamina filler. filling power of tobacco . buy cigarettes online made in usa Pubmed 12682861 kozlowski lt, mehta ny, . jarvis mj, west rj. sweeney ct, schwartz ss, vogler gp, . Cigarette design, risks associated with smoking . of tar and nicotine. cigarettes with low machine measured yields . Kozlowski lt, rickert ws, . frekker rc. pope ma, robinson jc, . Blocking cigarette filter vent with lips . from ultra low tar cigarettes. more than doubles carbon monoxide intake . Spontaneous and chemically induced point mutations in . toid cell line, mcl 5. hprt cdna of the competent human lymphoblas . Fresenius x02019 . analytical chemistry. journal of . Urinary promutagens of smokers . relation to cigarette consumption. comparison of methods and . Pubmed 3365290 . fowles j. laugesen m, . Toxicity studies on clove cigarette smoke and . by installation in rats and hamsters. constituents of clove of ld50 of eugenol . American journal . and gynecology. of obstetrics . Pubmed 9303064 lee ck, brown bg, . doolittle dj, hayes aw. reed ea, hejtmancik m, mosberg at, . Urticarial reaction following the . tobacco smoke. inhalation of nicotine in . Journal of . clinical immunology. allergy and . Archives of . applied immunology. allergy and . Beitr x000e4 . . ge zur . Differential inhibition of dna synthesis in . tar components hydroquinone and catechol. human t cells by the cigarette . Pubmed 2711048 lippman sm, peters ej, wargovich mj, . morice rc, cunningham je, hong kw. stadnyk an, dixon do, dekmezian rh, loewy jw, . Pubmed 2645518 . poulsen he. loft s, . Primary aromatic amines from side . contaminants of indoor air. stream cigarette smoke are common . 1999 91 . 21. 4 613 . Pubmed 2924402 manabe s, . aramaki t. tohyama k, wada o, . Carcinogenic tryptophan pyrolysis products in . smoke polluted indoor air. cigarette smoke condensate and cigarette . Pubmed 10502428 mao l, lee js, kurie jm, . broxson a, yu r, morice rc, et al. fan yh, lippman sm, lee jj, ro yj, . Pubmed 9196251 march th, barr eb, . m x000e9 nache mg, nikula kj. finch gl, hahn ff, hobbs ch, . Pubmed 1590221 . musante cj. martonen tb, . Detection of direct mutagenicity . in mammalian cells. of cigarette smoke condensate . Pubmed 15213336 mcallister sistilli cg, . ca, miller al, donny ec. caggiula ar, knopf s, rose . Selective increase of antioxidant enzyme activity . smokers and smoke exposed hamsters. in the alveolar macrophages from cigarette . Meckley d, hayes jr, . at, swauger je. van kampen kr, mosberg . Comparative study of smoke condensates from 1r4f cigarettes that . in the sencar mouse dermal tumor promotion assay. burn tobacco versus eclipse cigarettes that primarily heat tobacco . Effect of delivered dosage of cigarette . urinary biomarkers of exposure. smoke toxins on the levels of . Melikian aa, djordjevic mv, hosey j, . muscat j, stellman sd. zhang j, chen s, zang e, . Pubmed 17365769 melikian . hoffmann d. aa, prahalad ak, . 1993 2 . 51. 1 47 . Cancer biomarkers . . x00026 prevention . A murine model of cigarette . intranasally administered smoke conditioned medium. smoke induced pulmonary inflammation using . I of cd and pb in . pb in amniotic fluid. blood and zn, cu, cd and . Volatile nitrosamines and tobacco specific nitrosamines in the smoke of . suspected risk factor for liver cancer in thailand. thai cigarettes a risk factor for lung cancer and a . Pmc free article . moessinger ac. pmc1458334 pubmed 16571114 . Pubmed 2742269 . bock fg. moore ge, . Beitr x000e4 . . ge zur . Beitr x000e4 . . ge zur . Pubmed 8097600 mulchi cl, . chaney rl. adamu ca, bell pf, . 1991 22 9 . . x02013 10 919 . Ii predicting metal . soil test information. in tobacco from . Mulchi cl, bell . chaney r. pf, adamu c, . A model of . deposition. cigarette smoke particle . Chemistry, formation and occurrence . amines in fried products. of genotoxic heterocyclic aromatic . Murphy se, link ca, jensen j, . carmella sg, losey l, hatsukami dk. le c, puumala ss, hecht ss, . A nordic data base . in humans. on somatic chromosome damage . Summary health statistics for us . 2007, vital and health statistics. adults national health interview survey, . The vitamin status of . and their mothers. low birth weight infants . Variation of the gas . burning cigarette. phase composition within a . Pubmed 16207940 nitsch a, . pietsch r. kalcher k, greschonig h, . Davis dl, . editors. nielsen mt, . Beitr x000e4 . . ge zur . The effect of some nitrogenous blend . levels in mainstream and sidestream smoke. components on no nox and hcn . Pubmed 14644336 obot cj, . renne ra, mckinney wj. lee km, fuciarelli af, . Maternal cigarette smoking increases f2 iso . oxide in umbilical vessels. prostanes and reduces prostacyclin and nitric . Existing technologies to reduce . cigarette smoke. specific toxicant emissions in . Pmc free article pmc329901 pubmed 1999486 ohlemiller . harris rh jr, lawson jr, gann rg. tj, villia km, braun e, eberhardt kr, . The diffusion of . paper during smoking. gasses through cigarette . Effect of smoking on serum of . oxide in pregnancy a preliminary study. total folate, vitamin b12, and nitric . 1997 30 . 94. 2 383 . Pubmed 9252522 pan x . te, rapp jh. m, staprans i, read . Pubmed 11712903 pankow jf, mader . pavlick a, liang c. bt, isabelle lm, luo w, . 1997 31 . 33. 8 2428 . Pubmed 12924929 pappas rs, . ashley dl. polzin gm, watson ch, . Cadmium, lead, and . tobacco smoke particulate. thallium in mainstream . Free radical . medicine. biology buy pall mall australia x00026 . Geneva labour . . office 1983 . Pubmed 16092728 parsons ll, . mackown ct. smith ms, hamilton jl, . 1979 3 . . 4 150 . Overview of inhalation . and weaknesses. exposure techniques strengths . Penn a, butler . albert re. j, snyder c, . Inhalation of carbon . accelerate in cockerels. monoxide does not . Pmc free article pmc1469496 . snyder ca. pubmed 8930554 penn a, . Evaluation of 210pb and . produced in brazil. 210po in cigarette tobacco . Beitr x000e4 . . ge zur . Tobacco smoke carcinogens, dna . in smoking associated cancers. damage and p53 mutations . Dna adducts as . and risk. markers of exposure . Journal of the . analytical chemists. association of official . Urinary acetonitrile correlate . behaviour. with recent smoking . 2003 23 . 90. 3a 2185 . Pmc free article pmc2002282 pubmed 2400739 . machin sj, woolf n. pittilo rm, mackie ij, rowles pm, . Role of maternal exposures . newborn chromosome aberration frequencies. and newborn genotypes on . Science . technology. x00026 . Pubmed 18768454 potts rj, . notarianni lj, jefferies tm. newbury cj, smith g, . The cytotoxic effect of volatile organic . cigarette smoke on lung epithelial cells. compounds of the gas phase of . 1987 70 . . 1 1 . Pubmed 12018989 putnam . doolittle dj. kp, bombick dw, . X0003c http randerath e, avitts . everson rb, randerath k. ta, reddy mv, miller rh, . Tissue distribution of covalent dna damage in . x02019 preference for lung and heart dna. mice treated dermally with cigarette x02018 tar . 1941 116 . . 24 2656 . Pmc free article pmc1899301 . randerath k. pubmed 16873770 reddy mv, . Effect of cigarette smoke . sprague dawley rats. inhalation during pregnancy in . Mainstream smoke collection by for acid . prior to trace metal. dissolution in a microwave digestion system . Washington american . association 2000. public health . Pubmed 3714662 . kaiserman mj. rickert ws, . 1994 28 . . 5 924 . Pubmed 4048085 rickert . collishaw n. ws, robinson jc, . A study of the growth and . ambient air under controlled conditions. decay of cigarette smoke nox in . Estimating the hazards . hazardous x0201d cigarettes. of x0201c less . Pubmed 6313950 rickert ws, . wright wg, lauterbach jh. trivedi ah, momin ra, . Comparative assessment of toxicities . commercial cigarettes. of mainstream smoke from . Pubmed 15716489 robbins cs, dawe de, goncharova . cox g, st x000e4 mpfli mr. si, pouladi ma, drannik ag, swirski fk, . Pubmed 12920055 . perfetti ta. rodgman a, . 2006 22 . 69. 1 13 . Origins and selection . in lung. of p53 mutations . 2004 15 . 31 52. 195 1 . Cancer biomarkers . . x00026 prevention . I specific precipitins against tobacco . healthy cigarette smokers. antigens in the serum of . Metals content in placentas from . newborn birth weight. moderate cigarette consumers correlation with . Pubmed 15664440 r x000fc . hoffmann d. hl c, adams jd, . Of hemoglobin adducts . humans. of arylamines in . Sakuma h, kusana m, . sugawara s. munakata s, ohsumi t, . 1983 12 . 71. 2 63 . Iii middle . boiling compounds. and higher . Saleh ra, agarwal a, . thomas aj jr. sharma rk, nelson dr, . Chromosomal alterations in . and nonsmokers. lung from smokers . Pubmed 8524335 . hoffmann d. schmeltz i, . Multi element analysis of tobacco and . analysis and atomic absorption spectrometry. smoke condensate by instrumental neutron activation . Scholl to, hediger ml, . s, fischer rl. schall ji, khoo c . The design . yield cigarettes. of low . Selgrade mjk, cooper kd, devlin . re, luster mi. rb, van loveren h, biagini . Effects of tobacco smoke . mouse embryo and fetus. inhalation on the developing . Effects of smoking . neonate, and child. on the fetus, . Of indian cigarette tobacco and . and allied techniques. its smoke aerosol by nuclear . Shapiro sd, goldstein nm, . kelley d, belaaouaj a. houghton am, kobayashi dk, . Detection of oxidative dna damage . association with cigarette smoking. in human sperm and the . Importance of cd4+ . in antitumor immunity. helper t cells . Pubmed 9233836 p, vineis p, . n, strickland p. kang d, rothman n, caporaso . Skipper pl, peng . tannenbaum sr. x, soohoo ck, . Carcinogenic heterocyclic amines in model systems . formation, occurrence and intake. and cooked foods a review on . Pubmed 11720371 smith le, denissenko mf, . tang m s, pfeifer gp. bennett wp, li h, amin s, . Pubmed 10814675 sonnenfeld . hudgens rw. g, griffith rb, . Cigarette smoke causes inhibition . to administered antigens. of the immune response . Selective filtration of . from cigarette smoke. volatile phenolic compounds . Beitr x000e4 . . ge zur . Analysis of aromatic . smoke. amines in cigarette . Part 2 chemical . smoke. composition of mainstream . Pubmed 10544893 . ashley dl. stanfill sb, . Pubmed 10775389 steegers theunissen rp, . nelen wl, steegers ea. van iersel ca, peer pg, . A comparison of the mutagenicity of . a sample of the u. the mainstream cigarette smoke condensates from . 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